Installing a business network pays off in the long run. A properly running network puts your business in a position to succeed.

Tips for Staying Safe While Doing Business Networking

Tips for Staying Safe While Doing Business Networking

A fast, efficient network means content employees and happy customers. Seamless upgrades allow more time online and less time dealing with problems and unwanted hassles. Networking demands constant vigilance, flexible time

management and 24-hour, 365 day response capability. With all those factors in play, it’s easy to overlook safety.

Because Primus Cable considers safety a critical factor in networking, we offer a large selection of cables, tools, equipment and other safety-related components for your network. We’ve been supplying safety, security and UL-Listed products for close to 20 years. Many businesses and individuals rely on Primus Cable to deliver top-notch safety accessories.

Here are a few suggestions for maintaining a safe network:

  • The Heat Is On – routers, cables and other equipment are always under significant electrical loads, and this can result in potential fire hazards. With a fire-retardant cable or component, your network will eliminate many pitfalls right off the bat. And even if a flame would occur, these fire-resistant and safety related products can help any fire from spreading.
  • Crime Doesn’t Stop at the Industrial Park – most people equate property crime with home (residential) burglaries. But according to the FBI Crime Report from 2005, did you know nearly one-third of all property crime is committed against a commercial workplace? In this sense, safety means protecting your business assets from the bad guys. By enhancing your existing network with a peripheral security system, you’ll increase your chances of thwarting crime before it even happens. This smart investment helps secure your business against the bad guys. Consider this money well spent.
  • Tools of the (Safety) Trade – having a well-stocked tool box also means having safety-compliant accessories. As your electricians and engineers install new equipment (or upgrade old components), their personal safety is paramount. With Primus Cable’s selection of safety tools, your technicians will have added confidence (and greater safety) for any network related task.
  • The (Not So) Great Outdoors – your network sometimes requires outdoor cables and direct burial installations. With harsh conditions in play, it’s important to have extra shielding and watertight protection from the elements. If your cables or equipment are compromised by water, wind or other foreign material, your entire network could be in jeopardy. Our assortment of outdoor-ready, water-resistant cables are designed for reliability, performance and most important of all, safety.

Primus Cable has your safety in mind. If you have any questions, please call our customer service representatives at 951-824-1571. We can supply your network with something you can’t put a price on – peace of mind.