You’ve heard the old adage – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That same principle applies to networking. A network is only as fast or reliable as its cables. You could possess the best processors, top of the line routers, advanced hubs – but without high-quality network cables (also called Ethernet cables), your system will never achieve its potential.

The Importance of Networking Cables

The Importance of Networking Cables

With Primus Cable’s networking cables, you can select from the best products on the market. We’ve been supplying network cables to the industry for nearly two decades. We know how crucial cables are to your system – that’s why we carry only the best cables.

A cable isn’t just the actual wires, sheaths and sleeves – a network cable also consists of connectors. And without reliable connectors, a cable can suffer from slow speeds and even pose potential safety hazards. By making sure your connectors (a typical connector jack is called RJ45) are snug-fitting and problem-free, your networking cable is primed for premium performance.

Labeling is another important factor for networking cables. Network engineers, electricians and other network professionals are sometimes required to replace or upgrade existing cables. By quickly identifying the faulty cables and cords, a network will experience minimal downtime and will be up and running in no time. But if your networking cables aren’t properly labeled, a minor problem can quickly turn into a major headache.

Different installation circumstances require different performance characteristics. For normal indoor installations, standard network cables usually suffice. But for extraordinary environments, such as outdoor or direct burial applications, your networking cables demand extra protection from water, dirt and other foreign substances. But if you weigh in these factors, you can choose the optimal network cable to fit your particular installation standards.

As you can see, networking cables are an absolutely critical element for any network. By considering some important factors for network cables, your system will perform reliably, quickly and smoothly.

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