HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables represent the latest and greatest brand of network
The Fundamentals of HDMI Cables

The Fundamentals of HDMI Cables

data transmission. With HDMI cables, your home theater will enjoy ultra-fast digital speeds, enhanced audio and superior video performance.
So, in a nutshell, what should you know about HDMI cables?
  • The Future is Here, Now – All the major players in electronics – Toshiba, Sony, Philips, Panasonic and Hitachi, just to list a few – helped develop this global-wide connectivity standard. With HDMI cables, electronic product consumers will have a single cable for transmitting all sorts of data, including HD video and multichannel audio streams. Because HDMI cables can connect different components by different manufacturers, expanding and upgrading your home theater system has become easier than ever.
  • Standardization – To receive the HDMI designation, a cable must conform to certain performance criteria. These include bit depth rating, construction and materials, speed rating and other factors. Keep in mind, not all HDMI cables are the same, especially in longer lengths. It’s best to check an HDMI cable’s specific data before purchasing.
  • 1080p Compatibility – High-definition video, sometimes called HDTV, can only be viewed with HDMI cables. So if you’re upgrading to a full HD-compatible home theater, you must have HDMI cables. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy the same crisp picture and clear sound.
  • Versatility – HDMI cables can be used with any audio/video home theater equipment. This includes TVs, standard DVD players, Blu-Ray DVD players, HD cable boxes, HD satellite boxes, AV receivers, HD-DVD players and more. Plus, HDMI cables are backward compatible to the standard DVI (Digital Visual Interface) cables. With a DVI to HDMI adapter, the consumer can have a large number of older components play HDMI quality HD video.
HDMI has gone through numerous versions since its inception in the early 2000s. Version 1.4 is current, with plans to release 2.0 in the coming months. Version 2.0 will have upgraded 3D compatibility, expanded audio performance, dynamic auto lip-sync and other improved functions.
As you can see, you need HDMI cables for today’s high-tech components. Primus Cable’s selection of  HDMI cables come in different lengths to custom-fit your unique home theater system. What’s more, we carry all the HDMI accessories to keep your system performing the way it should. Primus Cable has HDMI converters, adapters, splitters, switches and many other components. If you have any questions concerning HDMI cables, please call us today.