thermo wireWhen it’s cold out, you turn the heat up. And during those dog days of summer, you go for that welcome blast of cool air. We rarely think about what goes on behind the scenes. But Primus Cable does. At Primus Cable, our job is keeping you comfortable. And with the best thermostat wire on the market, you can trust us to keep your home a comfy, cozy oasis – no matter what the temperature is outside.

The only time most homeowners think about their thermostat wire is when something doesn’t work. And that’s no fun. With our top-tier thermostat wire, you can avoid many would-be problems from the start.

Our thermostat wire is UL rated for superior performance attributes. But that’s only the beginning. It’s also sun resistant for additional long-life properties – where other thermostat wire fails after years of sun exposure, Primus Cable’s wire is built for the long haul.

Our thermostat cable can be used for power temperature controls, doorbells, HVAC controls, door openers, heating and A/C installations, security systems, lighting and many other applications. Thermostat cable is a class 2 cable, which limits the power to <100VA for circuits that operate at <30V, and 0.5VA for circuits between 30V and 150V. These characteristics help prevent fire hazards and electrical shock.

Our base 18 AWG Thermostat Wire has 2 conductors, and we also offer 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 conductor configurations as well. So whatever your thermostat requirements are, we have you covered. Our thermostat wire is available in both 250-foot and 500-foot spools, so you’ll have plenty of length for large installations, or many short runs.

Whether you need to upgrade your existing HVAC system or put extra eyes around your property to prevent burglaries, our thermostat wire makes an excellent choice. Please call us at 951-824-1571. We’re here to help. Experience the Primus Cable difference – don’t settle for second best.