speakerYour audio system or home theater demands top-end audio performance. Take away rich audio from a movie, and a four-star flick is suddenly a forgettable flop. And without that booming bass sound in your speakers, let’s face it – it’s hard to get the party started.

Our speaker wire is designed to deliver top-quality audio to a variety of systems and configurations. From home theater speaker systems to alarm loudspeakers, Primus Cable carries a great selection of speaker wires.

We carry 14 AWG Speaker Wire for great versatility and reliable performance. You’ll also find a great selection of 16 AWG Speaker Wire and 18 AWG Speaker wire, too.

If your setup requires direct burial installation, we carry sun-resistant, rugged speaker wire for garages, campsites, patios and other outdoor areas. This speaker wire features a durable outer sleeve that resists dirt, mud, water and other foreign material. In many instances, direct burial speaker wires are used for security systems and other surveillance applications.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing speaker wire is your length of run. Generally, the thinner wires (14 AWG) are used for distances of less than 50 feet (ideal for that porch right outside your home), while thicker wires (18 AWG) can be installed for longer runs – go ahead and give your garage that grand audio you’ve wanted.

Another consideration is flexibility. Stranded wire is more flexible than solid wire, so it’s used for portable components (amplifiers, audio equipment, televisions, etc.). Stranded wire is ideal for residential settings – as your room changes, you can quickly reconfigure your system with ease. That’s why strand count counts.

With both indoor and outdoor rated jackets, Primus Cable offers custom speaker wire for your installation or upgrade. From short distances to extended runs, our speaker wire is made for whatever you need.

See how Primus Cable has remained a top-tier speaker wire supplier. Just give us a call at 951-824-1571 and our friendly, informative team can get your audio system outstanding performance – at an exceptional price.

Thanks again for choosing Primus Cable for your speaker wire requirements.