Are you considering an upgrade to your home network, specifically as it relates to outdoor areas? Perhaps you’d like to wire some A/V devices to the porch or patio. Or, maybe you’re in the process of finally bringing some sight and sound to your garage – that big TV would certainly add a fun element to your work space. coax

Premium protection from the elements – outdoor coax cable is engineered to exacting specifications. When you’re up against Mother Nature, everything’s in play, so you have to adjust accordingly. Thus, outdoor coaxial cable is designed to take on and conquer the toughest climate conditions – blazing heat, rain, snow, mud, wind and more. Plus, it’s also UL listed / ETL verified to assure top-notch quality. Outdoor coaxial cable features a UV-rated jacket, so this specialized coaxial cable prefers playing (and performing) outside!

Versatile applications – some outdoor coaxial cable can withstand direct burial installations, while other outdoor rated coax cable is great for TV antennas and other roof-mounted devices. Depending on your specific network, you can optimize your system’s reliability, speed and performance, based on your choice of outdoor coaxial cable.

Superior signal strength – because outdoor coaxial cable is better protected than standard cable, you’ll enjoy better transmission and less attenuation. Weatherproof protection, remarkable performance – you get the best of both worlds.

The Primus Cable advantage – because we specialize in network cable, we can bring you the best outdoor coaxial cable at unbeatable prices on a super-fast delivery schedule. We know your outdoor project can’t wait – and we can’t wait to help you!

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