If you’re in the market for brand new home theater cables, look no further than Primus Cable’s exceptional assortment of outdoor audio cables. These cables are ideal for outdoor home theater installations. Practical applications for these outdoor audio cables would include porches, patios and other areas.

Outdoor Audio Cables

Outdoor Audio Cables

Direct burial cables can expand your home theater’s performance. These cables are ideal for outdoor speakers, low voltage lighting and other direct burial installations. Please keep in mind, our outdoor direct burial audio cables are made with an exclusively formulated black PVC jacket for superior sun resistant properties. This sturdy covering also provides protection against water damage. And with official UL listing, our cables feature a top-notch high strand count of 65 for blazing-fast performance.

With our outdoor audio cables, your home theater system will provide robust, crystal-clear sound for movies, CDs and other forms of multimedia entertainment. Remember, your home theater system is only as good as your cable. Don’t settle for second rate. With Primus Cable, you’re ensured of the best possible home theater experience.

Our outdoor audio cable speaker wires typically come in standard black color (the PVC jacket), however they are now available in white. They arrive at your doorstep ready to install in brand-new, pristine condition. Depending on your system, you’ll want to consider the size ratio (16 AWG / 4 conductors, 14/4, 14/2, etc.) when purchasing your outdoor audio cables and speaker wires. Building your own home theater system is an immensely rewarding process. Plus, you’ll save money along the way – especially with Primus Cable’s affordable prices.

Primus Cable is a recognized leader in home theater wires. Our price structure, wire variety and friendly customer service makes for an unbeatable combination. If you have any questions regarding outdoor audio cables, please call us at 951-824-1571. Our experienced team is ready to assist with any questions you might have.

And as always, thank you for considering Primus Cable as your #1 audio cable supplier. We appreciate your business.