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Outdoor Coaxial Cable

Are you considering an upgrade to your home network, specifically as it relates to outdoor areas? Perhaps you’d like to wire some A/V devices to the porch or patio. Or, maybe you’re in the process of finally bringing some sight and sound to your garage – that big TV would certainly add a fun element to your work space. coax

Premium protection from the elements – outdoor coax cable is engineered to exacting specifications. When you’re up against Mother Nature, everything’s in play, so you have to adjust accordingly. Thus, outdoor coaxial cable is designed to take on and conquer the toughest climate conditions – blazing heat, rain, snow, mud, wind and more. Plus, it’s also UL listed / ETL verified to assure top-notch quality. Outdoor coaxial cable features a UV-rated jacket, so this specialized coaxial cable prefers playing (and performing) outside! (continue reading…)

All About RG11 Coaxial Cable

coax r11Does your network application demand low signal loss? Primus Cable carries RG11 coax cable that’s specifically designed to maintain optimum signal strength – even for those less-than-ideal runs.

Why is RG11 coaxial cable a preferred choice for many situations? One big reason is the cable’s robust design. If your project requires extra-long runs, our RG11 coaxial cable can get the job done. Even at distances up to 400 feet, RG11 coaxial cable keeps a strong signal, thanks to its extra-thick design.

A great choice for your system is Primus Cable’s RG11 CATV Coaxial Cable. This 75 ohm standard cable is tested up to 3GHz frequency for HDTV, CATV, TV antenna, and video distribution. Our RG11 CATV Coaxial Cable also features a dual shielded design with flame retardant PVC jacket. This RG11 coaxial cable is suitable for above ground use only, and is not rated for plenum applications. The cable comes in a 1,000-foot spool, ready to use right out of the box!

Another factor to keep in mind is flexibility. Because our RG11 CATV Coaxial Cable has a wide profile, it doesn’t navigate bends as well as a thinner cable like RG6 coaxial cable. So, with those superior anti-signal loss properties, you have to sacrifice a little flexibility. Properly used in your network system, our RG11 CATV Coaxial Cable is ideal for those straight line “backbone” runs. (continue reading…)

Selecting the Best Speaker Wire

speakerYour audio system or home theater demands top-end audio performance. Take away rich audio from a movie, and a four-star flick is suddenly a forgettable flop. And without that booming bass sound in your speakers, let’s face it – it’s hard to get the party started.

Our speaker wire is designed to deliver top-quality audio to a variety of systems and configurations. From home theater speaker systems to alarm loudspeakers, Primus Cable carries a great selection of speaker wires.

We carry 14 AWG Speaker Wire for great versatility and reliable performance. You’ll also find a great selection of 16 AWG Speaker Wire and 18 AWG Speaker wire, too.

If your setup requires direct burial installation, we carry sun-resistant, rugged speaker wire for garages, campsites, patios and other outdoor areas. This speaker wire features a durable outer sleeve that resists dirt, mud, water and other foreign material. In many instances, direct burial speaker wires are used for security systems and other surveillance applications. (continue reading…)

Stay Comfortable with our Thermostat Wire

thermo wireWhen it’s cold out, you turn the heat up. And during those dog days of summer, you go for that welcome blast of cool air. We rarely think about what goes on behind the scenes. But Primus Cable does. At Primus Cable, our job is keeping you comfortable. And with the best thermostat wire on the market, you can trust us to keep your home a comfy, cozy oasis – no matter what the temperature is outside.

The only time most homeowners think about their thermostat wire is when something doesn’t work. And that’s no fun. With our top-tier thermostat wire, you can avoid many would-be problems from the start.

Our thermostat wire is UL rated for superior performance attributes. But that’s only the beginning. It’s also sun resistant for additional long-life properties – where other thermostat wire fails after years of sun exposure, Primus Cable’s wire is built for the long haul.

Our thermostat cable can be used for power temperature controls, doorbells, HVAC controls, door openers, heating and A/C installations, security systems, lighting and many other applications. Thermostat cable is a class 2 cable, which limits the power to <100VA for circuits that operate at <30V, and 0.5VA for circuits between 30V and 150V. These characteristics help prevent fire hazards and electrical shock. (continue reading…)

The Importance of Networking Cables

You’ve heard the old adage – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That same principle applies to networking. A network is only as fast or reliable as its cables. You could possess the best processors, top of the line routers, advanced hubs – but without high-quality network cables (also called Ethernet cables), your system will never achieve its potential.

The Importance of Networking Cables

The Importance of Networking Cables

With Primus Cable’s networking cables, you can select from the best products on the market. We’ve been supplying network cables to the industry for nearly two decades. We know how crucial cables are to your system – that’s why we carry only the best cables.

A cable isn’t just the actual wires, sheaths and sleeves – a network cable also consists of connectors. And without reliable connectors, a cable can suffer from slow speeds and even pose potential safety hazards. By making sure your connectors (a typical connector jack is called RJ45) are snug-fitting and problem-free, your networking cable is primed for premium performance.

Labeling is another important factor for networking cables. Network engineers, electricians and other network professionals are sometimes required to replace or upgrade existing cables. By quickly identifying the faulty cables and cords, a network will experience minimal downtime and will be up and running in no time. But if your networking cables aren’t properly labeled, a minor problem can quickly turn into a major headache. (continue reading…)

The Anatomy of Fiber Optic Cables

So, what’s really going on inside? That’s the question many Primus Cable customers want to know with fiber optic cables. These cables are capable of carrying high volumes of data over long distances. They’ve supplanted copper cables in terms of performance, reliability and value. To understand their significance, it helps to take a peek inside. Starting from the center and working our way outside, let’s explore the anatomy of a fiber optic cable.

The Anatomy of Fiber Optic Cables

The Anatomy of Fiber Optic Cables

A standard fiber optic cable is comprised of four specific parts:

  • Core – A fiber optic’s center is made of glass, and this tube carries the cable’s light signals. Depending on the type of fiber optic cable (single mode or multi mode), the core varies in size. Single mode fibers consist of a tiny glass core that typically has a diameter between 8.3 and 10 microns. This type of cable is usually installed for transferring high speed data over long distances. For multi mode fibers, the core is larger. Their core size ranges from 5 to 7 times larger than single mode cores. With a diameter ranging between 50 to 62.5 microns, multi mode fiber optic cables are perfect for high data applications. Multi mode cables are typically used over shorter distances than single mode fiber optic cables.
  •  Cladding layer –Also constructed of glass, this “core cover” is used to keep the light in the core. When transmitting data (especially over long distances), light rays can reflect off each other and travel in different directions. The cladding keeps those signals straight.
  • Buffer – Also called the buffer coating, this sleeve protects the core and cladding from foreign material (FM) such as outside light, moisture, dirt and other substances. More often than not, the buffer is made of plastic.
  • Jacket – The fiber optic’s cable exterior is typically made of tough, durable polyurethane. Its job is to protect the overall integrity of the fiber optic cable. The jacket is the first line of defense in a fiber optic cable. Routing cables can put stresses on a fiber optic cable (kinks, knots, etc.) and a jacket sometimes contains an extra layer to avoid these potential hazards.

If you’d like to purchase or learn more about fiber optic cables, feel free to the customer service team at Primus Cable at 951-824-1571.

Outdoor Audio Cables

If you’re in the market for brand new home theater cables, look no further than Primus Cable’s exceptional assortment of outdoor audio cables. These cables are ideal for outdoor home theater installations. Practical applications for these outdoor audio cables would include porches, patios and other areas.

Outdoor Audio Cables

Outdoor Audio Cables

Direct burial cables can expand your home theater’s performance. These cables are ideal for outdoor speakers, low voltage lighting and other direct burial installations. Please keep in mind, our outdoor direct burial audio cables are made with an exclusively formulated black PVC jacket for superior sun resistant properties. This sturdy covering also provides protection against water damage. And with official UL listing, our cables feature a top-notch high strand count of 65 for blazing-fast performance.

With our outdoor audio cables, your home theater system will provide robust, crystal-clear sound for movies, CDs and other forms of multimedia entertainment. Remember, your home theater system is only as good as your cable. Don’t settle for second rate. With Primus Cable, you’re ensured of the best possible home theater experience. (continue reading…)

Tips for Staying Safe While Doing Business Networking

Installing a business network pays off in the long run. A properly running network puts your business in a position to succeed.

Tips for Staying Safe While Doing Business Networking

Tips for Staying Safe While Doing Business Networking

A fast, efficient network means content employees and happy customers. Seamless upgrades allow more time online and less time dealing with problems and unwanted hassles. Networking demands constant vigilance, flexible time

management and 24-hour, 365 day response capability. With all those factors in play, it’s easy to overlook safety.

Because Primus Cable considers safety a critical factor in networking, we offer a large selection of cables, tools, equipment and other safety-related components for your network. We’ve been supplying safety, security and UL-Listed products for close to 20 years. Many businesses and individuals rely on Primus Cable to deliver top-notch safety accessories.

Here are a few suggestions for maintaining a safe network:

  • The Heat Is On – routers, cables and other equipment are always under significant electrical loads, and this can result in potential fire hazards. With a fire-retardant cable or component, your network will eliminate many pitfalls right off the bat. And even if a flame would occur, these fire-resistant and safety related products can help any fire from spreading.
  • Crime Doesn’t Stop at the Industrial Park – most people equate property crime with home (residential) burglaries. But according to the FBI Crime Report from 2005, did you know nearly one-third of all property crime is committed against a commercial workplace? In this sense, safety means protecting your business assets from the bad guys. By enhancing your existing network with a peripheral security system, you’ll increase your chances of thwarting crime before it even happens. This smart investment helps secure your business against the bad guys. Consider this money well spent. (continue reading…)

The Most Important Security Products Businesses Should Consider

What’s the most important element of any business? Many proprietors would say the bottom line. Others might mention customer satisfaction. But something that is taken for granted (but shouldn’t be) is security.

The Most Important Security Products Businesses Should Consider

The Most Important Security Products Businesses Should Consider

Most business owners think security should be left to the professionals – security guards, the police, firefighters and others. And while there’s plenty of logic behind that, it’s also a double-edged sword. Companies typically don’t let a third party handle their budgets. And they certainly don’t allow total strangers to select new leadership or set revenue goals. So why is security different? Because most business owners don’t think about it until it’s too late.

Here are a few interesting statistics regarding business security (source: 2005 FBI Uniform Crime Report):

  • Nearly one-third of all burglaries are committed against commercial structures and installations
  • A burglary takes place in the U.S. every 14.6 seconds, according to the Uniform Crime Reporting Program Crime Clock
  • Property crime comprises more than 75% all crime in the United States

With those facts in mind, any prudent business owner should explore methods of making their property more crime-resistant. Primus Cable provides a vast assortment of products to protect your business assets. (continue reading…)

How Ethernet Cables are Changing for Business

Most people associate the term “Ethernet cable” with home-based networks. However, many businesses typically use Ethernet cables for their own local area networks (LANs). Even with the wireless revolution in full swing, Ethernet cables are still used extensively. For instance, a company may offer its customers free Wi-Fi service (think Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, McDonald’s, etc.). These cables are utilized to connect wireless routers with existing cable and phone lines.

How Ethernet Cables are Changing for Business

How Ethernet Cables are Changing for Business

With ever-increasing demands for speed and performance, businesses must ensure their network equipment is able to handle different devices and connections. As Ethernet cables have evolved over the years, they’ve been an integral part of device compatibility – essentially, making sure that a given piece of network equipment can talk to the rest of the system. This has grown the market for Ethernet equipment to over $16 billion in annual sales (as of 2010). Businesses have contributed a significant amount to that staggering figure.

Because a company requires more robust performance characteristics from Ethernet cables than households, businesses have been the catalyst for the Ethernet cable evolution. To put it simply, as companies implement new Ethernet cable configurations with their networks, residential households follow (since the cable-company dynamic works both ways, this article could also have been titled, “How Businesses Change the Ethernet Cable Industry”). Just a few of these noteworthy changes have been:

  • Speed compatibility – in the mid-1990s, Ethernet cables typically accommodated speeds of either 10 or 100 Mbits per second. By the late-90s, network performance increased to the tune of 1000 Mbits per second, and Ethernet cables had to follow suit. At this time, Category 5e cables (more on those below) started to phase out standard Category 5 cable. Fast forward to the present day…if your business network can’t handle 10,000 Mbits per second, you’re simply not in the game. Category 6a Ethernet cable is required for this new standard of speed.
  • Cable evolution – as noted above, Ethernet cables followed the network speed frontiers. At one time, Category 5 cables were adequate for any business network. In less than a decade, network capacity increased to a factor of 10. Today, many businesses employ Category 6 and 6a Ethernet cables to keep equipment running – and their customers happy.

A business can have different network requirements; some just want to maintain a LAN, while others – whose business actually IS the network business (Cisco, Google, Microsoft, etc.), demand the very best cables and equipment in every corner of their particular network. Whatever your Ethernet cable requirements are, Primus Cable offers a great selection at affordable prices.

If you’d like to learn more about how Ethernet cables are crucial for flawless business network performance (including your own business), please give us a call at 951-824-1571. Our customer service team can help you navigate this crucial component of network performance.

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