coax r11Does your network application demand low signal loss? Primus Cable carries RG11 coax cable that’s specifically designed to maintain optimum signal strength – even for those less-than-ideal runs.

Why is RG11 coaxial cable a preferred choice for many situations? One big reason is the cable’s robust design. If your project requires extra-long runs, our RG11 coaxial cable can get the job done. Even at distances up to 400 feet, RG11 coaxial cable keeps a strong signal, thanks to its extra-thick design.

A great choice for your system is Primus Cable’s RG11 CATV Coaxial Cable. This 75 ohm standard cable is tested up to 3GHz frequency for HDTV, CATV, TV antenna, and video distribution. Our RG11 CATV Coaxial Cable also features a dual shielded design with flame retardant PVC jacket. This RG11 coaxial cable is suitable for above ground use only, and is not rated for plenum applications. The cable comes in a 1,000-foot spool, ready to use right out of the box!

Another factor to keep in mind is flexibility. Because our RG11 CATV Coaxial Cable has a wide profile, it doesn’t navigate bends as well as a thinner cable like RG6 coaxial cable. So, with those superior anti-signal loss properties, you have to sacrifice a little flexibility. Properly used in your network system, our RG11 CATV Coaxial Cable is ideal for those straight line “backbone” runs.

The cable is UL, ETL and RoHS certified. If you’re looking to enhance your cable, internet or TV signal quality, you can’t go wrong with our RG11 CATV Coaxial Cable.

Primus Cable carries a fine assortment of CATV Coaxial cable accessories as well. From connectors to coaxial cable tools, we have everything you need for quick, quality installations and upgrades.

If you’d like to learn more about RG11 Coaxial Cable, simply call our customer service team at 951-824-1571. We can help with all our coaxial cable needs. Thank you for considering Primus Cable as your preferred coaxial cable supplier.